Monday, October 27, 2008


Due to my sheer incompetence in creating a decent veggie burger recipe, and the questionable quality of almost every pre-packaged vegan burger on the market, I've been forced to venture out for a quality, freshly-made veggie burger. Luckily for me, there's Houston's! With locations in Park Cities and Addison, I've decided to give up all efforts in creating my own veggie burger and just treat myself to Houston's once a month. Made with a combination of brown rice, black beans, beats, oat bran, and a soy glaze, Houston's veggie burger can easily be made vegan when ordered sans mayonnaise, cheese, and bun. Occasionally an accidentally-vegan rustic bread is available in place of the bun, but it's absolutely unnecessary in qualifying this as the best vegan burger in town! Additionally, Houston's couscous and hand-cut french fries are vegan, and most of their seasonal vegetables can be ordered vegan and/or steamed. At the Park Cities location, ask to be seated in Michelle's section, as her knowledge of vegan menu items and wonderful personality will make your experience at Houston's an exceptional one!

8300 A Preston Road
Park Cities
(214) 691-8991

5318 Beltline Road
(972) 960-1752

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