Thursday, March 19, 2009

Raw Food Picnic at Lee Park

'Tis that season--for potlucks and picnics and such!

If you can't make it to THIS....

Local integrative health coach, Susie Haces, has organized a raw vegan picnic at Lee Park this Sunday around noon. The gathering follows a 5 Rhythms dance meditation at Cosmic Cafe. Come play!

Click HERE for more information.


Anonymous said...

Eddie -- We have offically linked to you, creating a strange but beautiful intersection between Connecticutlesboland and Dallasvegantown. Anywho, this is Meg, and though you and I have not had the pleasure of meeting (and must, must! when we are next in Texas), I do know that you are one of Mo's very favorite people. You are also the subject of one of my favorite Mo stories, which involves jail and a clarinet t-shirt. Brilliant.

Oh, and I apologize that this comment had nothing whatsoever to do with the raw food picnic at Lee Park, which I am sure will be simply delightful!

Eddie G said...

Ha!!! Meg--I'm dying to meet you as well :)