Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dallas Vegan Drinks - October 2009

Despite the gloomy weather, several dozen local veg-heads came out for Dallas Vegan Drinks’ inauguration at Idle Rich Pub last Thursday. Our Jamey Scott did an amazing job coordinating the event!

Attendees mingled with Dallas food celebs Lisa Petty of NBC-DFWGood 2 Go Taco’s Jeanna Johnson, and a number of high-profile veg-heads—Brad Cameron (“bc” of Dallas Observer’s City of Ate commentary fame), vegan musician Justin Wilson (Red Animal War, Saboteur, The Numbers Twist), and Tough Cookie Bakery’s Chris and Jennie McEwan.

Idle Rich Pub served veggie brats in honor of Oktoberfest, and a few veg-friendly purveyors handed out gifts and discount coupons, including Good 2 Go Taco ($1 off any vegan tacos), Tough Cookie Bakery (free vegan cookies at the White Rock Local Market), and Lush (cosmetic sample-pack).

After a few vegan beers, Jamey and I chatted-up Brad Cameron about organic, sustainable farming (a subject he’s all too familiar with). Brad went on and on about the ill practices of commercial farming, even going as far as describing methods used at his in-laws’ farm. We were so impressed by this ex-UT frat guy’s knowledge on the subject, we decided to include him as the newest member of Dallas Vegan!

Can you blame us? I mean—anyone who can dominate blog commentaries like this guy deserves a platform of his own, don’t you think? Check out Brad’s first post tomorrow, where he’ll tell you what he thinks about other Dallas food writers' views on veganism.

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Sorry I missed this. Looks like you had a good time!