Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Reds

According to VegNews Magazine, Yellow Tail’s Shiraz is America’s “Favorite Vegan Tipple.”


Okay, we get it. Yellow Tail’s red wines ARE vegan-friendly (no egg whites or isinglass used in the fining process), affordable, and available in some of the most remote areas of the country. But here in Dallas, vegans don’t have to settle for reds that are only a step above Boone’s…or maybe Mad Dog 20/20.

Here’s what we’re buzzin’ on this season:

Michael~David - 7 Deadly Zins

Michael~David’s 7 Deadly Zins is a full bodied red wine with heavy notes of blueberries, raspberries, chocolate, and tobacco. Hints of vanilla make this vegan-friendly, uber-jammy red easy to sip alone, but it also pairs well with a box of Spiral Diner’s Double Chocolate Fudge Brownies. 7 Deadly Zins can be found at just about every DFW wine outlet, but the best values are at Goody Goody ($11.67), and Central Market ($11.98).

Dry Comal Creek - “Black Spanish” Dark Red Lenoir

The fact that this wine is produced in the Lone Star State is only part of why we’re such big fans of Dry Comal Creek’s “Black Spanish” Dark Red Lenoir. It’s also made entirely of the Texas-native Black Spanish grape! This spicy, vegan-friendly red wine boasts notes of mulberry, black cherry, chocolate, and compliments a variety of Texas-style vegan eats. Grab a bottle of our favorite Texas gem at vegetarian-owned Dallas Fine Wine & Spirits.

Stephen Vincent - Crimson

We’re responsible for tipping-off Barnivore to Stephen Vincent’s Crimson, a vegan-friendly syrah-cab blend that features blueberry and ripened plum notes. We heart this budget red for its fruit-forward, medium-bodied frame, making it the perfect wine for mulling this holiday season! Go ahead and splash a jigger of brandy in your mug…we won’t tell.


Food Czar said...

Eddie G, I agree wholeheartedly about Dry Comal Creek Black Spanish. More people need to know about this wine and this Central Texas gem of a winery.

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays, Eddie!!