Thursday, March 18, 2010

Whole Foods at Park Lane - Cupcake Bar

Okay, real talk—we’re officially in love with the cupcake bar at the new Whole Foods!

Take a look this totally vegan chocolate cupcake, filled with vegan chocolate pudding and topped with vegan buttercream. Hella good!

(Hint: You’ll have to ask about daily vegan options…they’re not clearly marked on the board.)


Trinity (of haiku tofu) said...

That looks so yummy! We're heading out to the new WF next week- can't wait to get a cupcake!

Erin L. said...

I want to cry.

Yamileth Calvo said...

Eddie, thanks for the tip on the cupcakes today when I met you at the juice bar in Whole Foods. It was delicious!

Unknown said...

I hate to rain on everyone's parade but I would NEVER trust WF's word that something is vegan. They are terrible at marking ingredients correctly. For example, at the Greenville store they sold some sort of Mexican eggroll (yes, you read that right), with all-vegan ingredients listed on the card. However, it actually contained TWO kinds of cheese and it took over a year to get the store to change the card. Their bakery items are always mislabeled. If you ask to see their recipe binder, the ingredients listed there do not match the bread labels, and often you find labels ending in words like "ground" or "puree", which means there are words missing, and they just don't care. I was told once that even when the recipe changes, they keep using the labels until they run out. On another occasion, something in the deli covered in sesame seeds (a known allergen) did NOT have sesame seeds listed in the ingredients. I have seen similar problems in their ingredients in stores all over the country, and on every occasion, the store really did not care and was slow to correct the ingredient list, if they corrected it at all. I quit buying any deli or bakery items from them. Make your own cupcakes or go to bakery that makes them if you really want a vegan cupcake.