Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dallas Vegan Drinks - September

dvd Dallas Vegan Drinks September marks the 12 installment of Dallas Vegan Drinks - It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since we’ve had Vegan Drinks here in Dallas.

With plans for the Texas State Veggie Fair in full swing, we’d like to  invite those interested in volunteering with the fair to pizza LOUNGE at this Thursday night to discuss volunteer opportunities. Our volunteers are going to contribute greatly to the success of the inaugural Texas State Veggie Fair, so please consider coming out to speak with organizers and find out what you can do to be a part of the event.IMG_2069

Regardless of your interests in attending, the bottom line is that Vegan Drinks is a fun night for meeting fellow veg*n & veg-curious folks for good conversation and information swapping in a fun, non-formal environment.

As in the past several months, Vegan Drinks will be at pizza LOUNGE, the best pizza joint in town - accompanied by a wide selection of beverages. Don’t miss it!


September Dallas Vegan Drinks
pizza LOUNGE
Thursday, September 9th, 2010
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
841 Exposition
Dallas, TX


Jen said...

as always, i know i'd be set if i ever happen to take a two step to texas. i tagged you as a versatile blogger. go to my blog for details. thanks for providing vegans with a vegan view of dallas!

Jamey said...

Thanks Jen - we dig your blog too! Love to hang out if you ever make it down here!

Bayan said...

Hi- learned about you through MFA. I live in Dallas and am a fledgling vegan... curious, how does a vegan club meet at a pizza place? :) I'm not trying to be a dick, I'm serious.. cheese free pizza?!

Jamey said...

Hey Bayan, glad to hear you're working on being vegan.

So, first of all, I understand how giving up the cheese is difficult - it's certainly addicting and it's not something that's easy to get rid of in your diet. However, if you do go for cheese-less pizza, it's quite amazing how much more you notice the quality of the other ingredients and toppings. Cheese tends to mask everything else and act as a crutch for crappy pizza. One of the best slices of pizza I ever had - even before going vegan - was a cheese-less slice in Rome with just mushrooms - and I didn't realize there was no cheese until I was finished.

That being said, if you actually take a look at the link for pizza LOUNGE, you'll notice that they are one of the best vegan pizza shops in town - meaning, they have a *ton* of vegan options available on their pizza - including vegan cheese. So, if you're that married to it and don't know what to do, it's still an option, even at Vegan Drinks.

We hope you come out and give it a try some time!

Bayan said...

Hi Jamey.

Good to hear from you, thanks for the additional insight. I checked out the link but I scrolled through the gourmet pizzas and didn't see anything specifically vegan called out, but I didn't consider the make your own pies... *facepalm

Totally going to try to make it to a future event.. the TVF sounds awesome!

Best regards!