Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Libertine Bar

"Wow--that pizza looks so much better than it tasted!"

Those were the words spoken by my friend Sarah while I uploaded our cycling pics into iPhoto.

Still--not bad for bar food...especially after a couple of champagne cocktails.

After much debate over our destination, my veg-bike group (that you should join) ultimately decided to ride to The Libertine last week. Probably not a smart move...considering it's a BAR! But I do have to admit it was rather fun to live dangerously for a change. 

We arrived at The Libertine during brunch, so there was little on the menu for us to choose from. Instead of wasting a perfectly good time, however, we took advantage of $2.50 champagne drinks until we could order vegan eats from the dinner menu. 

By the time we were able to order food, my buzz was in full swing! 

"Oh-my-gosh, Nick--I think I'm a little drunk."

"Dude--get some fries," ordered Nicolas.

So I did.

And some hummus. And a cheese-less vegetarian pizza (the crust is vegan). I know, right? Total mess.

So like I said, the pizza was not bad. But had I not ordered the hummus (which I smothered all over the severely dry crust, then reset the toppings), it really did have high potential to be pretty miserable. 

Luckily, I went to town on those sweet potato fries. They were pretty great--and totally killed my buzz...definitely necessary for a safe (and legal) ride back home!

So do I have any intentions of returning to The Libertine? Maybe. It is pretty neat that vegans can enjoy a fun bar-night (or day) with friends and eat, too!

But definitely not on my bicycle!

2101 Greenville Avenue
(214) 824-7900


Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

"Dude--get some fries."

That made me laugh very loudly. So much so that my dogs gave me a strange look.

Eddie G said...

Happy to entertain :)

Drew said...

Hehe! And what a beautiful day it was!

Food Czar said...

Eddie G, aren't hummus wonderful? I became addicted to them a few months ago, and now eat a hummus-based "salad" virtually every day!

Eddie G said...

Indeed, Food Czar! I go nuts for hummus :P

Anonymous said...

This was a funny post. I would have never thought of hummus to save that pizza. But, what a wonderful idea. I love hummus.

Eddie G said...

Hey Margie--

Next time we meet-up, remind me to give you my new roasted garlic and basil hummus's *killer*!