Monday, May 11, 2009


Vegan Veggie Tamales! Need I say more?

In my constant search for good vegan Mexican food in Dallas, I stumbled upon this gem at Veracruz in Oak Cliff. Made with a simple combination of masa, water, and vegetable oil, the super-tender tamales are filled with diced carrot, corn, broccoli, and topped with salsa. Delicious and HUGE! Make sure to order the dish with no cheese and no rice (it contains chicken broth). Veracruz also offers an interesting salad called Cactus Salad of the Desert. It's made with baby greens, nopales, corn, tomato, and mango. I didn't try the salad (I just couldn't pass up vegan tamales), but my friend Marc (whose taste I totally trust) swears it's amazing! 

408 North Bishop, Suite 107
(214) 948-4746


Jamey said...

this sounds great! i can never seem to venture past Spiral when heading to that part of town, but looks like i'm finally going to have to branch out in that area.

Eddie G said...

Definitely! And now that I found these, I'm never making my own tamales again--too much work!

HeatherBakes said...

I love Veracruz- especially now that it seats more than 5 people! Thanks for the tamale tip... was this on the menu or a special request?

Eddie G said...

Totally on the menu :)