Friday, December 19, 2008

Brix Chocolate for Wine Lovers

My obsession for red wine and dark chocolate has further been enabled by the good people at Brix Chocolates. Brix, a term roughly defined as the sugar content of a grape before it is harvested for wine, is a new line of chocolates specifically formulated to compliment wine. Using only the best cacao from Ghana, the California based chocolatier combines all natural ingredients to offer various levels of depth and complexity to pair with its equally complex wine suggestions. Brix Extra Dark Chocolate, their one vegan-friendly confection, suggests pairing with full bodied reds such as cabernets or zinfandels. I plan on pairing my box of Brix with a bottle of Michael~David's vegan-friendly 7 Deadly Zins!

Brix Chocolates and several Michael~David wines are available at all local World Market retailers. 

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