Sunday, December 14, 2008

Raw Chef Frank Giglio in Dallas

Members of several raw meet-up groups and my Jivamukti satsang had the opportunity to meet classically trained raw vegan chef Frank Giglio at a potluck meet and greet hosted by Jivamukti yogini deAnna Anderson and health coach Susie Haces. Frank is in town promoting his 
new un-cook book and presenting a raw food workshop where he will discuss the many health benefits of an all raw vegan diet and teach a raw food prep class. Attendees of the meet and greet were able to experience a short demo taught by Frank, where he created some warming winter dishes that made for wonderful additions to our potluck. Upon my arrival to the event, I was kindly greeted by Susie and introduced to the humble and brilliantly self-aware Frank Giglio and Johnny Raw Appleseed, owner of the soon to open Bliss Cafe on Greenville Avenue. Johnny's contribution to the potluck was a gorgeous platter including raw sandwiches, raw chips, and an out-of-this-world raw dip, all of which I very much hope will be on the menu at Bliss Cafe. Always over the top (in a good way), my fellow yogini Misty contributed raw "tuna" lettuce wraps buffet-style with fillers including diced tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, and raw vegan mayonnaise. Susie Haces offered a warmly spiced raw vegan eggnog, and my fellow yoginis Sara and Diane collaborated on a dish of sliced jicama wraps with pineapple salsa. Other contributions to the potluck included raw vegan chicken-fried-steak, the often overlooked, but always necessary tray of cruditĂ©s, and I took the seasonal opportunity to present my raw snow-capped marzipan nuggets (see post below for recipe). deAnna and I discussed the high level of creativity and quality at the potluck and expressed our enthusiasm about culinary possibilities for future gatherings. Because of this rare occasion of having such an esteemed guest like Frank Giglio, I do believe the bar has been raised yet again!

For more information on the health benefits of living foods and natural healing, contact Susie Haces for a personal health coaching session. Her knowledge on the issue and charismatic demeanor may be the best holiday gift you can give to yourself and the community!

Raw Living Health Coach
Dallas, TX


Chef Franky G said...

Great review! Nice to meet you and I loved the dessert you created/

Eddie G said...

Thanks, Frank!

Classy&Sassy said...

Do we know when Bliss Cafe is going to open?

Eddie G said...

I think Johnny said Bliss would be open for dinner hours by late January. Hopefully that information will be posted on their website soon.

Johnny Raw Appleseed, owner
(214) 987-0204

Maria Whitworth said...

Hey Eddie -- wonderful review! Thanks for being such a rawkin supporter and reporter of living foods news.

FYI, "Jordan" appears to have a non-existant profile, and he/she is less than accurate on their info about Bliss Cafe.

Bliss Cafe and Elixir Bar (raw superfood tonics!) will have a menu all it's own ...yummy and nutrient dense and powerful. Nothing like it ever before in these parts :)

I'll be in close touch with Johnny and will keep you posted on progress as the cafe and bar gets close to opening ...and we'll send you an invitation to the Grand Opening Gala!

Our entire local raw/vegan/vegetarian/conscious community is in for a real treat, so stay tuned!

Eddie G said...

Thanks, D&M! I visited Austin last week and was bummed that I couldn't make it to Daily Juice as I'd hoped, but I'm WAY excited about Bliss coming soon to Dallas!