Sunday, December 21, 2008


One might wonder what possessed me to fight the holiday shoppers in search of sorbet in one of the busiest shopping centers in town...and in near-freezing temperatures no less! But when I learned from my friend and Spiral Diner employee, Eli, about Sorbeteria's tasty and completely vegan frozen treats, I decided to brave the traffic and weather to sample the goods myself. 

Having designed and constructed their shop using mostly recycled materials, this eco-friendly confectioner's philosophy is simple. "Fresh and clean on the palate. Made with real fruit. Far better for you than similar treats-and with fewer calories, too." Operations manager Anthony Tompkins led me through a tasting of every flavor. I enjoyed samples of several berry, citrus, and tropical flavors, but Anthony and I were in agreement that the pear sorbet was extra special. And there were no feelings of remorse or guilt after my stop at Sorbeteria. Made with freshly puréed fruits from local vendors and lightly sweetened with natural cane, each scoop is only around 60 calories! 

7700 W. Northwest Highway
(214) 373-7777


Classy&Sassy said...

Great write-up, Eddie. I look forward to checking this place out. Shout out to Spiral Diner, too - I love that place!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

WOW, how did I not know about your blog until now?????? I'm definitely adding you to my blogroll the next time I update. And my vegan friend and I are planning a potluck for sometime after New Years... you are totally invited :o).

P.S. Thanks for highlighting Sorbeteria. I'd previously though the only vegan-friendly ice cream place was Paciugos.

Jamey said...

Bad news - Sorbeteria is closed. A sign on the door reads "email us for new Dallas locations", but the phone# is no good. Might be the last we see of this place :(

babulkorma said...

This is a superb place for vegans and health consicious people. I love the Mango Sorbert. I hope theu open all over USA and the world


Eddie G said...

Yes--we loved Sorbeteria, too. Too bad they're gone. I did, however, eat the most *amazing* Vegan Pineapple Basil Sorbet and Vegan Chocolate Sorbet (with avocado as the creamy base) at the Whole Foods in Austin this weekend...DELISH!!!