Monday, June 15, 2009

New Pizza by Marco OPENS WEDNESDAY!

Frank Nuccio is a cool guy.

I got a chance to meet with him today at Pizza by Marco’s new location set to open this Wednesday in Addison Walk Shopping Center (5000 Beltline Rd.). The new PbM was scheduled to open its doors today, but there were some problems with the A/C.

Dallas vegans already know that Pizza by Marco is the only pizza joint in Dallas offering a wide selection of vegan toppings. So I’m sure we’ve all voted for PbM on the WFAA-list, right?

Here’s the current vegan lineup:

Artichoke Hearts
Black Olives
Green Olives
Green Peppers
Red Bell Peppers
Red Onion
Fresh Spinach
Roma Tomatoes
Sundried Tomatoes
Fresh Sweet Basil
Soy Beef
Soy Pepperoni
Soy Sausage
Follow Your Heart Cheese
(which may soon be replaced by Teese!)

And Frank wants to know: What else do Dallas vegans want?

Leave your comments here, and I’ll forward our votes to Frank.

Here are some photos of the new spot


bc said...

I haven't had Teese, but if it's as good as FyH, I'm game. My fave PbM pizza is jalapenos and vegan sausage. It's even better cold for breakfast (my favorite way to have any type of pizza). I think I may have to bring artichoke hearts in there somewhere.

Best pizza in Dallas. Now if they'd just deliver....

Eddie G said...

Teese is what they use at Spiral :) Good stuff!

And PbM *does* deliver! The Preston/Royal location will deliver as far as downtown with a minimum purchase of $25.

Jamey said...

Wow - that's awesome! I'm jealous you got a "sneak peak" - but then again, I'm lucky in that it's so close to my work (which is a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it).

Eddie G said...

Definitely a good thing, Jamey :)

Nicole said...

They are offering Teese up here at Whole Foods locations and it is top-notch on pizza!!! Can't wait to check these places out next time I visit Dallas. :)

Drew said...

Don't change a thing! Love me some PbM. Didn't know about the soy cheese option until I read about it on your blog, Eddie. So, thanks PbM and thanks to Eddie G!

Unknown said...

What?! No pink tie?!

Eddie G said...

@ Margie

Ha! I know, right?

I was totally caught off guard. But I *am* wearing a pink undershirt :)

Jamey said...

So, I went there today and it's a little weird. It's more of a sit-down restaurant unlike the other locations. They have servers there waiting on you - and the menu seems more extensive than the others. More of a full Italian restaurant.

hmmm...what about a vegan lasagna? Or ziti? That might be good.

Eddie G said...

GOOD CALL, Jamey!!!