Monday, July 20, 2009

Baraka Bars Now Available at Whole Foods

Move over, Larabar—there’s a new raw nutrition bar in town! Baraka Bars, made by our friends at Daily Juice in Austin, are now available at Whole Foods Markets statewide. I got the chance to meet with Paul Haygood of Daily Juice at the Whole Foods in Highland Park to chat and sample the goods.
The package reads, “Baraka is an ancient Sufi word meaning ‘spiritual gift, blessing, or offering.’ We lovingly infuse each of the offerings with a specific intention.” I don’t know about all that noise, but the bars are damn good!

Described by some as a raw chocolate cake, Cacao Almond (the current top seller) is a dense bar of chocolaty goodness. Packed with intense chocolate flavor, and just a hint of coconut, this bar is sure to satisfy the most serious of choco cravings!

Spirulina Goji Berry, the original Baraka Bar, has a rich, earthy flavor. The bar combines sesame seeds and dates to give this treat a Mediterranean kick. Fans of halvah—this one’s for you.

The Goldenberry Pecan is my absolute fave! Its perfect balance of figs and pecans will have any true Texan begging for more!

Baraka Bars are gluten-free, raw, vegan, AND made by Texan hands (the founder is an Arlington native, by the way)! So now all Dallasites can enjoy a taste of Austin's Daily Juice at their neighborhood Whole Foods Market. Find these raw snacks in the cold case right next to Dallas’ own Hail Merry products.

In other news: I used the random number generator at to select the winner of the Chocoreale contest. The prize goes to...bc!

Hey bc - shoot me an e-mail at and let me know how I can get it to you :)


Jamey said...

Better than Larabar? That's definitely a bold statement. Can't wait to try these out!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Wow. Now I've got to bribe my parents to send me a carepackage. Those sound super good!

Jamey said...

mmm, that cacao one *is* yummy. BTW - these are also available at Bliss Raw Cafe - which is where I picked mine up from.

Eddie G said...

Sweet - thanks for that tip, Jamey!

Maria Whitworth said...

hey Eddie, guess what??
Baraka Bars are also available at the Elixir Bar at BLISS RAW CAFE!

Oh yes!! Now you can have your baraka and eat it too (on site, no less). Combine with a Minty Hemp superfood drink and you'll be blasting off to BLISS-full states!!


miss v said...

ooo... i need to make a trip to texas to sample your fine treats!

Franamo said...

Baraka bars taste way better than Larabar for a similar low price, and organic!!! Also less date sugar filler and a real plus is that the almonds etc are "activated" so - the advantage of sprouted ingredients for superior digestion & nutrition. Way to go Daily Juice!!!! I bought mine at the Cupboard in Denton TX. I tried the website and did not see the site but the phone number listed on the bar is 512-441-5667.

Sassy Critic said...

I'm from Seattle and Baraka bars haven't arrived here yet. Know anything about when and if they are coming my way?