Friday, July 24, 2009

Signature Scentsations – Vegan Friendly Bath, Body, and more

As there’s much more to living a complete vegan lifestyle than your diet, we’re starting to expand the horizons on vegan goings-on in our community. So with a quick search through the Etsy Dallas network, I was in business. The soap business. While I wouldn’t consider myself an expert at bath and body items, I do have skin and a nose, so I considered those ample qualifications to get the scoop.

At first you might think – “Soap? How’s that not vegan?” I thought the same thing. But besides the obvious, like milk, beeswax, and lanolin, you might be surprised about all of the sneaky ingredients that make their way into many products one might assume to be vegan-friendly.

As such, there already are some popular lines of cosmetics, bath, and body products that are beginning to catch on to the vegan market (Victoria’s Secret for one). But the great news is – we don’t have to visit the mega-chains for these items. We have a company selling hand-made vegan-friendly products right here in Dallas! Enter – Signature Scentsations.


Susan Saunders, owner of Signature Scentsations, has been plying her hand-made bath and body care craft for around three years now. She’s quick to point out the “hand-made” aspect, as apparently there are some “workarounds” others might use, yet continue to use the hand-made moniker.


She has an extensive product line with body wash, bath bars, lip balm, and lotions just to name a few. In addition, she also offers made-to-order paraffin-free candles. Need an oversized purple vanilla scented candle? This is where to get one. But why go a vanilla candle when you can go Coconut Lime Verbena? This amazingly scented candle was probably my favorite out of all.


Of the scented lotions I sampled, the Vanilla Patchouli was my favorite. I realize patchouli can be an “acquired” scent to some, but this one had a perfect balance of vanilla without being too “earthy”. Although my sister commented that it made her “hungry”, the Orange Ginger also had a great fragrance and was long lasting, but never overpowering. Susan is also working on a men’s line of fragrance, for those guys that would like to use her products, but don’t necessarily want to smell like a flower shop.

The lotions were a good consistency and were easily absorbed into the skin without leaving that residual “greasy” feeling. If that's any indication as to the quality of the rest of the product line, Signature Scentsations could be a great option for many of your bath and body needs.


Signature Scentsations

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    Visit Signature Scentsations at these upcoming craft shows:

  • October 3rd - October Market @ Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic School

  • November 7th - Saint Gabriel Holiday Fair @ St. Gabriel Catholic Church in McKinney

  • November 14-15 - Central High School in Keller

  • November 21 - Jingle Bash - Etsy Dallas Show @ Sons of Herman Hall on Elm Street in Dallas

  • December 5-6 - Keller Christmas Show @ Keller High School

  • December 13 - Bishop Lynch Christmas Bazaar @ Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas


Food Czar said...

Jamey, my lovely wife the Rock Star would love one of those candles. It would truly rock her world!

Eddie G said...

Awesome, Jamey! A lot of those all-natural lotions *are* too greasy...and some are even sticky after they dry :x

Jamey said...

You might be in luck FC - not much competition as of yet...!

bc said...

Awesome stuff. I've been looking for something like this - been using the Method brand body wash, but I like the feel of a nice bar of soap, you know??

Probably going to have to pick up a couple...

Anonymous said...

I love ginger anything! The scent is fanastic combined with citrus.

sue reed said...

I bought some of your candles at the Central High School craft show this past week-end and just love them. I noticed you will be at Keller High School Dec. 5-6 so I will be there and will buy more. \Sue Reed