Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Website

Hey Friends-

We're making some big changes around here!

For starters, we're now located at (please update your blogrolls, bookmarks, and whatnot). And did you notice the new logo?!? 

We'll be dealing with a few kinks over the next few days, but blog content will not be affected. Get ready for some exciting news to be announced soon! So if you're not following us on Facebook and Twitter yet, get on it!

I leave you with a photo of some roasted jalapeños I ate this weekend in Brownsville. These suckers were HOT! Although, Jamey would've probably found them just mild :)


Jamey said...

big changes indeed! this is gonna be sweet!

Jen said...

what an adorable photo! and look at all those goodies! i'm all about entering contests these days, so enter my tuchus in that choco PB contest as well.

Sylvia said...

Jeez. I must be super hungry this morning because these are making my stomach growl! Btw-- awesome new site!