Thursday, September 10, 2009

Product Review: Hemp I Scream (Double Dutch Chocolate)

I was in the mood for something sweet the other day at Whole Foods Lakewood as I was perusing through the frozen foods section. I took a gander though the ice cream selection when I noticed Hemp I Scream (which was rather miraculous, given it’s nondescript packaging). I’m not sure whether or not it’s a new item – it’s quite possible I’ve just never noticed it before.


“Hemp I Scream” is essentially an ice-cream cookie sandwich sold in individual packages. This flavor was “Double Dutch Chocolate” - hemp “I Scream” stuck between two hemp cookies (which had the approximate texture and slight taste of an oatmeal cookie).


The only thing that really needs to be said about these is –HOLY FREAKIN’ CRAP THIS THING WAS AMAZING!…but in the interest of blogging – I suppose I will continue (if only to relive the magic for but a brief moment).

The cookies were truthfully some of the best cookies I’ve had – you would never know they were frozen. Very moist and chewy, they held their shape well, but not at all hard like other frozen cookies I’ve had. The ice cream was rich and chocolaty with a great consistency, a perfect compliment to the cookies. Seriously – this is one of the best desserts I’ve had in a long time.

Their website claims this to be a “Sweet and Healthy” treat. I don’t know about the healthy part, but even at 360 calories I could really care less. At least the hemp is organic, and it’s always a hoot to tell your non-vegan friends you’re eating it (don’t worry – their website also says it’s “Naturally drug free”).

Available at Whole Foods – Lakewood
2118 Abrams Road
Dallas, TX


Happy Older Hippie Woman! said...

Not an ice cream comment, though the sandwich looks wonderful! - but the links below are for wings... May the whistle signal the kick off!!! Gentlemen, start your cleats!
This one is a Sauce Recipe -

Drew said...


@ K-P-V: Perfect w/ some soy bleu! And, hemp I Scream for that matter!!!

Y'all are making me hunnngry.

Jamey said...

KPV - thanks for the links! I will definitely try one of those out (although, the suggestion from the 1st link to serve their wings with non-alcoholic beer was a little offensive).

Eddie G said...

I'm gonna need one right away!