Monday, September 21, 2009

Vegan Drinks – Save the date – October 8th!


On Thursday, October 8th, Dallas Vegan will be organizing the very first Dallas Vegan Drinks at the Idle Rich Pub from 6-8 pm!

What’s Vegan Drinks? Well, to be brief – it’s vegans, in a bar, drinking.

Ok, well to be a little less brief, Vegan Drinks was started as a monthly social networking group in New York City that has spread to other parts of the country. Other cities like San Francisco, Boston, and Philadelphia have organized Vegan Drinks, so we thought it was as good a time as any to get started here in Dallas.

More details to come later – but save the date and time to get ready to mingle with other vegans, vegetarians, or anyone interested in learning more about it!

Vegan Drinks @ Idle Rich Pub
Thursday October 8th, 6-8pm
2614 Mckinney Ave
Dallas, TX


bc said...

I'm in. "Vegan" and "drinks" are two of my five favorite words...

Eddie G said...

Can't wait!!!!



Bread Winners said...

We love Vegans and have a great location for drinks! Let us know if you'd like to use us for a future venue at either The Quarter Bar or Bread Winners.

bc said...

Yeah, I think the manager at the Breadwinners on McKinney is vegan. And wine is half price on Wednesdays (for instance - I can get a bottle of Kim Crawford Sav Blanc for cheaper than I can at the store).

Unknown said...

Sounds like great fun!

But why not choose to throw our drinkage support somewhere that at least marks their menu with vegan? If any of their food is even vegan!

Jamey said...

That's a good point, Jey B. Idle Rich does have a couple of vegetarian dishes marked on their menu, but none marked for vegans. They do have a *couple* of menu options that are vegan.

The 'essence' of vegan drinks is to get together with like-minded individuals and discuss anything and everything over *drinks* - which Idle Rich does have a plethora of.

That being said, we are working with the general manager there to have a "special" vegan option just for us for our event (more details to come next week).

So while there may be other restaurants/bars that might have more options for us to eat, this can be our chance to show this and other establishments that there *is* a market and a need for more vegan options on their menus.

Hope you can make it!

Adventure Veggie said...

I am in!!