Monday, September 28, 2009

Veg-Head of the Week: B.J. Hernandez

Here at, we’ve got the scoop on all things vegan in DFW. Yeah, we get around. And we never shy away from an opportunity to meet other like-minded people.

On our scouting missions, we’ve met some of the area’s coolest veg-heads! Well, we want you to know them too, so we’re starting a new feature on the site that will showcase a different DFW veg-head each week. Shoot us an e-mail at for your 15 minutes of fame!

Veg-Head of the Week: B.J. Hernandez

B.J. is currently a senior at Flower Mound High School, where he serves as principal trombonist of the award winning Flower Mound High School Wind Symphony. In addition to playing trombone in his high school band, B.J. is member of the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra, the Texas All-State Band, and he also doodles with the accordion.

But the coolest thing about B.J. is that he’s a kid with a conscience! B.J. recently participated in the Texas Freedom Parade with Mercy For Animals (MFA), and he’s known to distribute Vegan Outreach and MFA pamphlets to his peers in the burbs. Way to speak up for the animals, B.J.!

Years Veg: 4

Hobbies: Playing music, riding bikes, reading, gardening, camping, and cooking…mostly black bean burgers and flour tortillas.

Goals: Play trombone in a major orchestra and live healthy.

Favorite Recipe: Chocolate Walnut Fudge from The Good Heart Recipe Book by Jonsi (of Sigur Ros) and his partner Alex. Check it out!

Chocolate Walnut Fudge

3 cups walnuts
2 cups coconut
1/2 cup cacao powder
1/3 vanilla bean
3/4 cup agave nectar
pinch of salt

Blend the walnuts. Then blend the coconut. Then mix it together in a bowl with your hands…Add the other ingredients, then refrigerate for at least one hour…Last, cut into rectangles.

B.J.—keep being awesome!


Drew said...

Sigur ros is amazing - and this recipe dosn't look so bad, either! Way to go BJ!!

Jen said...

having a veg head of the week is a really awesome idea.