Friday, June 19, 2009


On a busy block during lunch rush, it was baffling to find Manow Asian Brasserie, a chic little spot with high marks on Urban Spoon, completely empty.

“Maybe rush starts later around here,” I thought. But no—every other place looked slammed.

“Is it possible there are 7-foot tall drag queens by the wig shop next door scaring people off?” Nope. No drag queens in sight. Plus, peeps around these parts know they’re harmless anyway…mostly.

So I braced myself for a potentially awful meal—and I’m happy to report I was wrong again.

The menu at Manow was overwhelming. Going down the extensive sushi list alone was a challenge—tuna this, salmon that…not too much for us in this department. So I settled on the Avocado Roll—an elegant sushi roll filled with fresh, feathered avocado. Though presentation was beautiful, I did find the roll to be a bit boring—a simple coating of sesame seeds might have been enough to add complexity.

Each entrée is served with steamed rice and a delicate miso soup. My lunch selection was the Basil Eggplant—a stir fry of tofu, eggplant, onion, button mushrooms, red and green bells, and loads of basil. Larger cuts of the eggplant were a bit spongy, but the overall dish was fantastic.

My follow up visit to Manow was during dinner rush. Again—empty!

While I waited for my dining companion to arrive, I scanned the specialty drink menu. The cocktails had catchy (if not campy) names like Dirty Sanchez, Bad Kitty Cosmo, Love Me Long Time Iced Tea, and Sloe Screw. Fun—and totally appropriate for the neighborhood.

I started dinner with a seaweed salad that didn’t make my brain sad. The salad was bright, flavorful, and served in a cute martini glass. Main course was the Japanese Curry—a fragrant and well-balanced curry with tofu, onion, sweet potato, and carrot. Delicious!

All vegetable entrées can be ordered without fish sauce or egg, and range between $9 - $11.

So why is this place so dead during the busiest dining hours? And why is the KFC down the block always packed? Sad, really.

I encourage everyone to check out Manow. The service is great, drinks are stiff, and the food is excellent!

4315 Lemmon Ave.
(214) 520-8868


Jamey said...

Yah! No "brain sad" Eddie G!

This place sounds good, hopefully it lasts long enough for me to try it.

Oh, and I think I'll be sticking with beer if I go...

Anonymous said...

Um, YUM!

Jen said...

all of it looks great, and the presentation of the avocado roll is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE seaweed salad. There's just something about it...

Eddie G said...

Oh, Margie--me too!

miss v said...

i'm always bummed when sushi joints only have the 'avocado' or 'cucumber' roll for us veggie folks. i will say that roll looks over-stuffed, though. lots of avocado makes my brain happy.

and yum - seaweed salad!!! me love it long time. ;)

Eddie G said...

miss v, you're hilarious :D

Anonymous said...

I had been planning to to go here for sometime, by the time I finally did...they had shut their doors. SO SAD! Waaaahhhhhhhhhh — MaNOTnow!