Monday, June 22, 2009

Tasteless Wonder

Do you have a friend or loved one thinking about going vegan and you'd like to nip that idea in the bud?

Or maybe you know someone with a particular interest in foods that taste like particleboard

Well, these heart-shaped nuggets ought to do the trick! 

Heart-Thrive Vegan Energy Bars
available at Buli Café

Swing by the cool little coffee bar and give 'em a try. Then come back here and tell Scott what you think. I've already cast my vote to replace these tasteless wonders with those vegan cinnamon rolls they carry at Crooked Tree!


Jen said...

vegan doesn't always= yummy. it's good reviews like this happen because we've got to get the word out what doesn't work so someone new doesn't get turned off from veganism because of something like that.

Anonymous said...

It's so strange to me that there's even the slightest idea that people who are vegan don't care about enjoying their food. Like it doesn't matter if something tastes like a coloring book. I would think you'd be looking for more flavor and interest if you have narrowed down your choices. There's so much spice and fruit and goodness in this world, who would suppose anyone would want to do without it?

Eddie G said...

Yeah, seriously! Those things are uber gross :x

Jamey said...

I can now also attest to the horror one feels when tasting these cellophane wrapped chunks of vegan sadness.

Even a homeless man on the street could not bring himself to swallow even a small morsel - deciding to spit it out and go hungry, rather than bring any more suffering to his heart.

We should protest that this company stop using "Vegan" so prominently in their packaging, as it so negatively portrays what vegan food can and should taste like!

Eddie G said...

Jamey - you are cracking me up!! And I'm so glad you agree that these "chunks of vegan sadness" (brilliant, BTW) GOTS to go ;)