Monday, July 6, 2009

Idle Rich Goes Veg for the Holiday

What could be better than an ice-cold beer on a hot summer day? Not a whole lot, if you ask me. So when Jamey suggested we celebrate Independence Day over a few pints at Idle Rich Pub, I was totally game!

And after seeing this ad on their website, I was even more stoked! 

Veggie dogs?! Sweet action!!

But I still had to wonder: Are the veggie dogs vegan?

So after a few sips of my crazy beer cocktail (not the best choice, by the way), I interrogated our nice bartender, Alan, about the dogs. Turns out they are vegan…even the bun (yeah, we checked the ingredients)!

Though veggie dogs are not a staple on the menu, they are available at every major celebration. And considering this city likes to party, I’m willing to bet that'll be sooner than later!

Let’s keep these guys on our radar.

2614 McKinney Avenue
(214) 953-0599


Food Czar said...

Eddie G, I strongly suspect that you were motivated to celebrate at the Idle Rich Pub by the prices indicated on the ad. There is nothing so All-American as a great bargain!

Jamey said...

Yeah, Summer Beer was not the best choice (for those that don't know what a Summer Beer is [which was me before I went here] - it's Blue Moon & Vodka with a splash of Lemonade). Should'a gone with the $2 PBR! Maybe next time...

Eddie G said...

True story, Food Czar :D

Jasmine @ Eat Move Write said...

Wow. Veggie dogs in a Pub? Nice.