Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Amy’s Raw Chocolates – Official Launch Party

On a recent night, I experienced a series of firsts. My first raw foods meetup, first taste of durian, and the first time I’ve been told that eating chocolates can be a good thing.

Speaking with Amy Hirsch at the official launch party for Amy’s Raw Chocolates, you know that there’s more to her story than just delicious tasting chocolates.


The strange looking (and tasting) durian

Amy’s transformation to chocolatier began with an insatiable craving for chocolate and other sweets (which is usually a good start). Unfortunately for Amy, simply eating the miscellaneous chocolate products available to her only temporarily satisfied these cravings. The processed, sugar filled candies were anything but a positive addition to her diet. Amy thought there surely was a way to get what she wanted, while at the same time giving her body what it needed.


The raw cacao bean – in and of itself, a fine nutritional food

So Amy started off making elixirs with David Favor’s Chocolate Bliss (something you can try for your self at the aptly named Bliss Raw Cafe) as a way to start incorporating more "healthy" chocolate into her diet. As she started experimenting more with raw chocolates, she began to look for more ways to incorporate chocolate into her daily life.

One thing Amy noticed was that as she experimented more with chocolate in her diet, her cravings for others sweet desserts diminished. Before long, a quick bite of her own chocolate creations was enough to circumvent any desire to consume a less healthy option.

Her first creations were yummy chocolate balls that she didn’t feel guilty eating (when was the last time you didn’t feel guilty eating chocolate?). It seems that may have been the impetus Amy needed to start offering her chocolates to others on a wider scale.


Raw Almond Bars and Super Brownie Truffles

Amy’s product list includes her Amy’s Passion, a decadent, rich chocolate that would satisfy even the most discriminating choco-fiend. Raw Almond Bars, as suggested by Amy’s father, are also available to the masses. Last but not least, the Super Brownie Truffles, which are packed with over 10 raw superfoods – enough to make me feel good about myself for eating chocolate for breakfast the last three days!...(she also offers a Raw Chocolate Crunch Bar that I did not get an opportunity to sample.)

While we hope they become offered on a wider scale at some point, for now Amy’s raw chocolates are available via her online store, as well as in person during her Dallas home office hours Fridays from 3-7.

Amy is yet another vegan purveyor we can all be proud of for being in Dallas! Amy…you rawk! (uggh, almost made it the entire post without the typical raw play on words.)

5833 Melshire Dr.
Dallas, TX 75230
(214) 236-5107


Eddie G said...

When are Amy's chocolates going to be available at Bliss?

Jamey said...

Not sure Eddie G, she said it was still in the works and I'm not exactly sure of the timeline. Hopefully soon, to since Bliss is a much more convenient location for me.

David Favor said...

Yum! Great going Amy!