Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sunergia Soyfoods - Are You Ready for Some Nufu?!

Football season is upon us. Really, what would football season be without a big platter of buffalo-style tofu wings and blue cheese dressing?!! Soy bleu, that is.

I came across Sunergia Soyfoods a Virginia-based company selling all organic, Kosher, vegan, and wheat-free soy products. In particular, I was interested in trying their soy "blue cheese." Their products are not yet available locally, but can be ordered over the internet here. Jon was kind enough to send me a sampler pack representing their innovative product line with Soy Bleu , Soy Feta, peanut & ginger "nufu," and pesto flavored tofu.

I was totally impressed. Sunergia distinguishes themselves from other soy product manufacturers by using high-quality ingredients. All of their products are certified organic and kosher under strict supervision. The difference is definitely noticible in the taste. In addition, their products are fortified and are high in protein and fiber.

I crumbled the mediterranean-style Soy Feta directly from the package on top of sliced tomatoes and loved it! The biggest criticism from both the vegans and non-vegans alike was that it tasted *too* close to feta cheese.

The Soy Bleu also went over the top with field greens, green apple, walnut, and aged balsalmic. The flavor was eerily close to real
blue cheese, but slightly less creamy and not quite as pungent. I was perplexed at how it could taste so similar! You've got to just try it for yourself to experience it. One of the ingredients on the label was chia seed. Yes, that's in chia pet. I'm still waiting for those little green sprouts on my head!

Pesto "More than Tofu" on left, peanut and ginger "Nufu" on right

The biggest surprise to me was Sunergia's Nufu. What is Nufu you ask? Nufu is an amazing new product line for those of us who rely heavily on tofu and other soy products as our protein source. Nufu is essentially soy-free tofu made from peanuts instead of soy. Wow, I was floored! I seared some slices and served simply atop field greens with an asian dressing, some cilantro, shredded carrots, and crispy corn tortilla strips. Absolutely amaaazing.

The pesto flavored "more than tofu" was also good. It was a firm textured tofu marinated with a blend of basil, nuts and garlic, in a basil-garlic marinade. I followed the recommended preparation method and sauteed slices in olive oil. I could easily eat a whole package as a quick dinner preparation-with at least 7 other flavors that would cover the whole week. Serve with some veggies, and voila!

Make sure to request Sunergia products at your local Whole Foods Market. Or, until then, you can get you some on the internet at Pangea Vegan Store.


Eddie G said...

Those sound pretty great, Drew!

Jamey said...

Wow, that is impressive. Nice to have some different cheese options, even if it's not readily available yet.

So, my big question is - do you have a line on a good tofu-wing recipe? That is one of my loves that I dearly miss - not really the chicken, but just fried objects dunked in a mouth-numbing hot sauce.

Drew said...

Ha! Funny you would ask as I've been mulling the question of wing recipes myself a lot lately. Been known to dunk grilled or breaded tofu in some wing sauce.

Also been thinking of trying some of those fake chicken wings at May Wah ( (through PETA mall 3% proceeds supposed to go to PETA).

As for my sauce...I use hot sauce, vinegar, and a little earth balance.

Anyone else?

miss v said...

i've attempted to make my own version of blue cheese before... sadly, it wasn't that close to the real thing. i'm all over this.

Jen said...

i like the dog day post, but i'm really excited about a vegan bleu cheese. i've been dying to make a mock bleu cheez dressing to go with my buffalo seitan for quite some time. i'll have to splurge and go to pangea really soon.