Saturday, April 4, 2009

Crooked Tree Coffeehouse

Don't waste your money at Starbucks! What have they ever done for us? Alright--I admit they did help make soymilk a staple at coffee shops everywhere. And they do employ some pretty neat people. But I'm so over paying $4 for a cup (literally) of "fresh" fruit...our only real vegan food option! 

Get your caffeine fix at Crooked Tree Coffeehouse in Uptown. The place is an old reconstructed house, complete with drapes, rugs, and plenty of cozy seating areas. So Austin(!)--but maybe a little dressier. Like most independent coffee shops, Crooked Tree displays works by local artists. Today's display: Kelsey Foster. Cool stuff! 

But the best thing about Crooked Tree is the fact that they have vegan baked goods from Covert Vegan Baking Company! And the stuff is GOOD! Even D Magazine thinks so. When's the last time YOU had a vegan cinnamon roll? Me...about five minutes ago! Go get one.

Oh, yeah--I should also mention their espresso is good, too! My quad-shot-over-ice went down a little too smoothly :) 

2414 Routh Street
(214) 953-1142


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I want a vegan cinnamon roll!!!!!!

Boo, their website's not working :(

Eddie G said...

That's no good...maybe they'll get it running soon. The place is so cool, Katie! An excellent place for a veg-blogger meet-up...BoP is game for meeting up, too :)

Jennifer Schroeder said...

So, do you happen to know any good vegan restaurants in Houston?

Eddie G said...

Hey Jennifer!
Check out THIS SITE.

Jamey said...

yah covert vegan. rachael is an awesome chick and i'm so glad she has this place as a venue. you can also get covert vegan's awesome cookies at the "green spot" near white rock lake

Eddie G said...

That's awesome! Those cookies are buttery! I'm so glad I got a cookie to go--that's what I ate when I got home from dinner at Bella :)

Anonymous said...

aww! those look wonderful! and starbucks is stupid. ya.