Friday, April 24, 2009

Whole Foods: Mock Chicken Salad

Whole Foods launched their new Summer Salads this week. In addition to their original Vegan Chicken Salad made with baked tofu ($5.99/lb), they are also offering the Mock Chicken Salad made with soy nuggets ($9.99/lb) this season! As I mentioned in a previous post, the soy nuggets have the taste an texture of real chicken. This salad has a smoky flavor--quite different from the original Vegan Chicken Salad--and totally worth the extra 4 bucks!


Anonymous said...

that's crazy! i'll have to try it. reminds me of my mock tuna salad...basically just chickpeas instead of tuna, mayo (homemade and/or vegan!) and celery/pickles

Eddie G said...

It is crazy--CRAZY GOOD! But I must warn you: eating an entire pound of the stuff (all at once) is NOT a good idea! least that's what I heard :D