Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cyclone Anaya's

What can I say? I do love a good margarita. 

And Cyclone Anaya's has a killer one!

So I was willing to settle with the typical chips and salsa and forego a decent meal just to visit with my friends Nicholas and Lynsy at Cyclone Anaya's this past weekend. But to my surprise, my lunch at Cyclone turned out to be more than decent!

In addition to my (far too many) chips and salsa, I ordered sides of accidentally-vegan refried black beans, corn tortillas, and roasted jalapeños. The sides were all pretty fantastic! I chopped my jalapeños, mixed them into the black beans, spread the mix onto each tortilla, and doused them in salsa. Sloppy, delicious mess, I must say! 

I was sad to learn that the guacamole is not vegan, but the waiter suggested ordering a side of avocado wedges. Maybe I will next time and make my own guac!

3211 Oak Lawn 
(214) 420-0030


Anonymous said...

M and I have been hitting up El Fenix on the weekends to get our fill of Tex Mex. It sounds like we need to spice things up a bit and head over to Cyclone Anaya's.

Kit Chen said...

How, exactly, are refried beans "accidentally vegan"? Seems to me that every step along the way, a choice had to be made, and vegan ones are usually not the default (e.g., cooking beans with ham or bacon or chicken stock).

Jamey said...

that's my meal of choice at Chuy's & Glorias. It's nice when tex-mex places have 'accidentally vegan' beans.

...and yes, I think in most cases it is accidental. True, a choice has to be made whether or not to put meat stock in, I don't know that they're actually thinking about pleasing us vegans (could be wrong though).

El Fenix - I didn't think their beans were veggie - they always looked and smelled pretty meaty.

Eddie G said...

I called them "accidentally vegan" because the waiter said they were "vegetarian." But I learned they are actually vegan after asking for the ingredient list. Sometimes milk products (butter, cream, mayo...not even kidding) are used in "vegetarian" refried beans--still technically qualifying them as vegetarian.

Anonymous said...

I hardly doubt El Fenix's beans are vegan. I eat them anyway because I eat pretty much everything. Obviously, I'm not vegan. I did give the vegan lifestyle a two week trial. Not too shabby, but I missed a couple of things like meat and dairy.

Eddie G said...


Congratulations on your two week vegan trial--I had fun giving you tips :) I know how hard it is to give up things you love, but you did an awesome job!

Sindy said...

Non vegan guac? Never heard of it before- that sucks! I rarely eat out, but when I do, I usually bring a little container of spicy sauce that's made with vegenaise, ketchup and siracha. This way, at least my food will have some flavor -especially if it's cheeseless pizza or a dry portabello sandwich!

Anonymous said...

that sounds so good! i love accidentally vegan mexican foods! :) and margaritas!! and making my own meal out of side dishes!!